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Open CESOP: The Commission’s new data collection frenzy

First, the bad news:  The Commission has again looked more…
PayTechLaw Top10 - 2018

PayTechLaw Top10 – The most clicked-on blog entries of 2018

We have finally digested the roast, scoffed all the tasty…
Trade Secrets | Geschäftsgeheimnis | PayTechLaw

The secret to keeping secrets secret: The German Trade Secrets Act

He that would keep a secret must keep it secret that he hath…
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The draft JStG 2018 and electronic marketplaces: the end of VAT losses in Germany?

A few days ago – on 21 June – the German Federal Ministry…
PayTechTalk 21 - One in a Billon | The Podcast of PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 22 - One in a Billon

Looking for real life use cases for the blockchain technology?…
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Forget me, forget me not – Data deletion policies under the GDPR

In connection with the EU General Data Protection Regulation…