The term “chargeback“ describes the reversal debit of a payment. This means, that the original payer regains the payment amount whilst the original payee is debited with the payment amount via its payment service provider (PSP). [more]

Account information service

Subject to any exceptions, account information services are payment services which are subject to registration. [more]


The cardholder is the holder of a payment card. The cardholder assumes the role of the payer in a payment transaction. [more]


The acquirer is usually the payment service provider of the payee…

Alternative payment methods

The term "alternative payment methods" is usually used to describe…


An agent is a person who, as an independent trader, provides…

Acquisition business

According to the legal definition contained in S. 1 para. 35…


There is no binding definition of the term "acquiring". In the…

Carrier Billing

"Carrier billing" refers to the possibility of paying for goods and services via one's mobile phone bill. It generally constitutes a payment service and therefore requires a licence from BaFin. [more]

BIC (Business Identifier Code)

"BIC" is the abbreviation for Business Identifier Code. The BIC is an alphanumeric code through which payment service providers can be uniquely identified. [more]