In last week’s episode of PayTechTalk, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, told us about his vision to empower the next 7 billion people to be part of the mobile payments revolution and to build a cashless society. In this week’s episode, Nitish gives us exclusive insides into his idea to disrupt the financing of Hollywood movies and his vision to enable everyone to become a real Hollywood producer.

ICO goes to Hollywood

For Nitish, the idea of an ICO for movies is – and I quote – “a perfect fit”, since it allows anyone around the world to be a part of the stuff they really like: movies. He believes that crowdfunding for financing movies with cryptocurrencies is an interesting use case for ICOs.

The traditional way to finance a movie is to ask banks or other investors and sell your ideas. Naturally, the investors want to have a say in how your film is going to be made. At the end of the day, this way of producing a movie is compromising the original artistic vision of the movie, Nitish says. He believes that on the other hand there are so many fans out there that would love to be part of many interesting projects, but cannot afford to finance an entire film project on their own.

According to Nitish, this new project marks a whole new way to produce movies since it allows anybody of the 3 billion people in the world with smart devices (and a wallet) to invest and participate with their own means.

Want to hear more about Nitish’s vision? Sit back, relax and enjoy PayTechTalk 20!

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Nitish Kannan is the CEO and co-founder of He created the first point of sale and invoicing credit card and bitcoin app with no hardware, which is available in 23 countries. He’s a well-known author, futurist and writer and he also runs a real estate team in Beverly Hills. He produces and finances documentaries and films at the Universal Studios backlot in Burbank, California. As a speaker, he for instance delivered the keynote address at Money 20/20 Copenhagen 2017 on empowering the next 7 billion people to be part of the mobile payments revolution and building a cashless society.

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