Carrier Billing

“Carrier billing” refers to the possibility of paying for goods and services via one’s mobile phone bill.

Carrier billing is currently used primarily to bill for digital content (such as apps or features for online games). The payment amount is invoiced via the mobile phone bill (in case of a postpaid mobile phone plan) or deducted from any prepaid credit (in case of a prepaid mobile phone plan).

Carrier billing generally constitutes a payment service and therefore requires a licence from BaFin. However, there is one important exception to this. The exception applies to the billing of digital content and voice services, regardless of the device they are used on. Additionally, donations and tickets can be billed via this exception if the payment is made via an electronic device. However, the exception only applies if the individual payment does not exceed 50 euros and the total sum of all monthly payments does not exceed 300 euros.