Outsourcing des Betriebs von Geldautomaten | outsourcing of ATM operations | PayTechLaw

ATMs & VAT: CJEU ruling regarding the outsourcing of ATM operations

We have already reported several times on the VAT exemption…
Libra und die Steuern | The tax treatment of Libra | PayTechLaw

The tax treatment of Libra: old wine in new barrels?

What is the Libra cryptocurrency? Libra is a cryptocurrency…
Geldautomaten und Umsatzsteuer | Cash machines and VAT | PayTechLaw

Cash machines & VAT: Is outsourcing the operation of cash machines exempt from VAT?

In my blog entry last year, I took a general look at the…
Zwischenstand Sachbezug | update regarding payments in kind | PayTechLaw
Sachbezug | payments in kind | PayTechLaw
Wertverluste bei Kryptowaehrungen | Losses in value of cryptocurrencies | PayTechLaw
Weichmacher für harten Brexit | softener for hard Brexit | PayTechLaw

Bundestag adopts softener for hard Brexit

Are you a fan of Great Britain or are you even a British…
PayTechLaw Top10 - 2018

PayTechLaw Top10 – The most clicked-on blog entries of 2018

We have finally digested the roast, scoffed all the tasty…
JStG 2018 | PayTechLaw

The draft JStG 2018 and electronic marketplaces: the end of VAT losses in Germany?

A few days ago – on 21 June – the German Federal Ministry…