Ephemerisches E-Geld | ephemeral e-money y PayTechLaw

Ephemeral e-money

E-money is booming, at least in Europe. Never before have…
online SEPA direct debit payments | Online SEPA-Lastschriftzahlungen | PayTechLaw
PayTechTalk 32 | Online-Lastschriften | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 33 – Is this the end for online direct debits (once again)?

From 14 September 2019, strong customer authentication will…
Erlaubnistypen | types of licences | PayTechLaw

May I or may I not? The types of licences for payment service providers

Perhaps you’ve experienced this before? When talking to…
Zahlungsdienste | Payment Service | PayTechLaw

Payment services. What is what?

Do you know the type of questions where the answer depends…
Screen Scraping | PayTechLaw

Screen Scraping is dead – long live Screen Scraping!

A heated debate has been going on for years as to whether…
Reg. 924 | PayTechLaw

Reg. 924: Not just bad news for card issuers

The Commission already presented its proposal to amend and…
Zahlungskonto | Payment Account | PayTechTalk
Who am I | Identity management and strong customer authentication | PayTechLaw

Who am I? Identity management and strong customer authentication

Identity management and strong customer authentication are…
Anonymes Zahlen | anonymous payments | PayTechLaw

Right to anonymous payments

Do we have a right to anonymous payments? If so, is this…