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EZB-Zahlungsstatistik | ECB payment statistics | PayTechLaw

The trials and tribulations of the ECB payment statistics

Before I begin, I’d just like to set the scene by establishing…
Interchange Fee Regulation | PayTechLaw

Interchange Fee Regulation: Good things come to those who wait?

PayTechLaw already had a look at the Interchange Fee Regulation…
wichtige Rechtsquellen für Finanzdienstleister im Aufsichtsrecht | important supervisory law sources for payment service providers | PayTechLaw

Important supervisory law sources for payment service providers

Here on PayTechLaw we regularly look at overviews of laws…
IBAN-Diskriminierung | IBAN discrimination | PayTechLaw

News about IBAN discrimination

Just as the excitement around strong customer authentication…
EBA-Klarstellung | EBA clarification | PayTechLaw

EBA clarification: Setting up a SEPA direct debit mandate does not require strong customer authentication

After the European Banking Authority (EBA) sparked considerable…
PayTechTalk 40 | Diskriminierung nach Wohnort des Zahlers | IBAN discrimination also through differentiation according to the payer’s place of residence | PayTechLaw
Factoring-Erlaubnis | factoring licence | PayTechLaw

Factoring – What factoring licence should I apply for?

It is clear that anyone wishing to carry out factoring in…
PayTechTalk 38 | Bezahlen mit Kreditkarte | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 38 – How does payment by credit card work?

 Payment by credit card is becoming a popular method of…