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PayTechTalk 40 – IBAN discrimination also through differentiation according to the payer’s place of residence

Is it allowed to offer customers different methods of payment when they make bookings over the internet, depending on where they live? My podcast partner today, Matthäus, has recently published a blog entry on this topic (News on IBAN discrimination) which is well worth reading. The case we would like to consider in more detail […]

PayTechTalk 35 – About BaFin’s Instructions for the Interpretation and Application of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act (IIA)

 The instructions for the interpretation and application (IIA) of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on the German Anti-Money Laundering Act are still quite new. BaFin published them at the end of last year, on 11 December. Peter already took a detailed look at the so-called IIA on PayTechLaw in January. During the […]

May I or may I not? The types of licences for payment service providers

Perhaps you’ve experienced this before? When talking to different people about what licence is required for payment services, you get a multitude of different answers: some will tell you something about an e-money licence that you need. Others think that a “small PSD licence” is entirely sufficient. And others are of the opinion that you […]