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Important supervisory law sources for payment service providers

Here on PayTechLaw we regularly look at overviews of laws and supervisory documents, e.g. the summaries of the supervisory documents last year or the laws that payment and e-money institutions should be familiar with. The following mini-series aims to provide you with an updated overview about these types of documents. As we now have many, […]

PayTechTalk 35 – About BaFin’s Instructions for the Interpretation and Application of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act (IIA)

 The instructions for the interpretation and application (IIA) of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on the German Anti-Money Laundering Act are still quite new. BaFin published them at the end of last year, on 11 December. Peter already took a detailed look at the so-called IIA on PayTechLaw in January. During the […]

PayTechTalk 34 – licence types for payment service providers

 Recently I looked into the topic of licence types for payment service providers on PayTechLaw. In my blog post “May I or may I not? The licence types for payment service providers” I introduced the various licence types – and also created an infographic for those of you who prefer looking at visuals than […]

Bundestag adopts softener for hard Brexit

Are you a fan of Great Britain or are you even a British citizen? Are you active in the payment industry? Are you afraid of a hard Brexit? Great, then we’ve got something for you. On 21/02/2019, the German Bundestag adopted the Act on Tax and Other Accompanying Measures for the Withdrawal of the United […]

Payment services. What is what?

Do you know the type of questions where the answer depends on who you ask? An example of such a question is what constitutes a payment service. If you ask the legislator, the answer will be a more or less comprehensible but rather abstract catalogue of activities. If you ask a lawyer, he or she […]

KYC and the distribution of e-money: Do I have to or not? Section 25i para. 2 German Banking Act (KWG)

The German legislator transposed the requirements of the 4th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 4) into German law on 23 June 2017. At that time, many market participants (including ourselves) were full of hope. The parties concerned wanted practical rules and, above all, more clarity. A good year later, many have become disillusioned. This certainly […]