From ‘A for acquirer’ to ‘Z for ZAG licence’: our PayTechLaw glossary gives guidance

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Update | 3.11.2020

265 glossary terms. These are 136 German and 129 English explanations of industry-specific technical terms, from A for acquirer to Z for ZAG licence. It is worth taking a look. 🙂


3-party or 4-party system? Acquirer or issuer? BKM, e-money agent, payment initiation services and the rest: Those not yet overly familiar with the FinTech and payment world can quickly get overwhelmed by the industry-specific technical jargon. However, even seasoned industry experts will come across one or two terms they don’t yet know. This is why we have created our new glossary. While we use our blog entries to dive into the depths of various industry-specific topics, with our glossary we aim to provide brief explanations of the most important terms in the area of banking, banking supervisory, payment transaction and anti-money laundering law.

Our glossary – a never-ending story…

No glossary – and therefore also not ours – can ever claim to be 100% complete. The opposite is often true: We will continue to enrich our collection with further terms. It is therefore definitely worth popping by every once in a while to quickly and easily look up industry-specific terms.

And if you find there is something missing in the glossary?

Have you been searching for a concise explanation of a certain word or term and have not even been able to find it in our glossary? Then do get in touch! We either have indeed not (yet) considered the term or it may still be part of our internal “to-do list” and needs to be prioritised. In any case: We are looking forward to receiving your praise, constructive criticism, ideas and list of terms that are still missing but definitely should be included in a glossary like ours.


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