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The Libra cryptocurrency – a simple explanation

…also for people who have so far not looked into blockchain… What is the Libra cryptocurrency? Facebook has announced, in conjunction with other companies, that it will issue its own Libra cryptocurrency. It is remarkable that so many very large companies, some of which are competitors, have joined forces to do this. Their aim is […]

PayTechTalk 37 – Approval procedures: directors, qualifying holdings, and capital requirements

In our 34th episode of PayTechTalk I talked with my colleague Christian about the licence types for payment service providers. Upon hearing this podcast, Marko Wenthin, one of the co-founders of SolarisBank, asked us to talk in more detail about application for authorization and in particular about directors, qualifying holdings,  and capital requirements, as it […]

What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?

The hype surrounding ICOs has cooled down a bit of late, but now Germany is seeing its first Security Token Offering from Bitbond Finance GmbH. What is behind it? How is it different to an ICO? In order to answer these and other questions, let’s take a closer look at the topic. A Security Token […]

Screen Scraping is dead – long live Screen Scraping!

A heated debate has been going on for years as to whether account information services providers (AISP) and payment initiation services providers (PISP) and card based payment instrument issuers (CBPII) may use screen scraping as a means of accessing the payment user’s account at their payment account service provider (ASPSP). With PSD2 and more specifically, […]

Who am I? Identity management and strong customer authentication

Identity management and strong customer authentication are the talk of the day. However, the terminology is more than confusing. For example, customers need to be identified for the purposes of AML, they need to authorize a payment, and when authenticating themselves, it is checked whether they are actually the person they pretend to be. I […]

PayTechTalk 26 – PayPal and Simple Language

Simple Language is important. Many people need Simple Language in order to understand everything. Only if you understand everything, can you participate everywhere.*   One usually only comes across Simple Language on websites of public authorities. And now also on PayPal. What is Simple Language and how does it contribute to accessibility? Who is the […]