Webinar Recording: Digital Assets Regulation – Updates & Outlooks

Webinar Aufzeichnung: Digital Assets Regulation Updates & Outlooks mit Alireza Siadat von Annerton | Hosted by TechLeaderBoard

The TechLeaderBoard ™ hosted an English-language webinar on “Digital Assets Regulation Updates & Outlooks” with Dr Martin Hiesboeck from Uphold and  PayTechLaw author Alireza Siadat (lawyer and partner at Annerton) via live stream 2 weeks ago. For those who missed the webinar, the recording is now available to watch.

Alireza explains the following agenda points in the webinar:

  • The opportunities brought by the development of distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Digital asset regulatory updates and future outlooks (MiCA & U.S. Framework)
  • Why (appropriate) regulation is important, and the impact it will have on the digital asset economy

Have fun watching!


Recording “Digital Assets Regulation Updates & Outlooks”

Video: Copyright © TechLeaderBoard ™

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