PayTechTalk#68 – Bitcoin, DeFi, AMLD6 & MiCAR

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In this English-language episode of PayTechTalk, Annerton partner & PayTechTalk host Alireza Siadat has an international guest in attendance. Sebastien Martin from Storm is a selected international crypto expert with in-depth knowledge of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Swiss blockchain industry. Together, Alireza and Sebastien talk about the current events surrounding Bitcoin & El Salvador and what this could mean for the international regulation of Bitcoin and crypto assets. Alireza and Sebastien then discuss Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and how global regulators (such as the SEC, FinCen etc.) are trying to introduce regulation for DeFi. In contrast, they look at the Swiss crypto scene and what the new Swiss Blockchain law will bring. Insights into AMLD6 and MiCAR are also ventured, giving the audience a glimpse into the future regulation of crypto assets.


About Sebastien Martin:

Sebastien Martin | PayTechTalk


  • Président VFAJ/DFSJ
  • Investor Relations Manager at STORM Partners
  • LinkedIn profile: Sebastien Martin







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