5th anniversary of PayTechLaw! Happy Birthday & Cin-Cin!

Happy Birthday - 5 years PayTechLaw

Five years of burning keyboards, creativity, passion and red-hot topics from the areas of FinTech, payment, banking, crypto, tax, IT & Co.: Happy 5th birthday, dear PayTechLaw team!

A flashback – five years earlier – PayTechLaw goes live in summer 2016 with an article by Frank Müller on whistleblowers. The corresponding podcast format follows in summer 2017. Leading FinTech blogs and podcasts inspired us to create PayTechLaw. However, in this rich FinTech media landscape, Frank Müller and Christian Walz still missed a format that deals with legal and regulatory aspects of the FinTech world. This gap needed to be filled and so PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW was born!

343 German & 277 English articles, 67 of which are podcasts, later, a lot has changed. From new authors contributing their knowledge and expertise to the blog to unexpected events, such as the pandemic, which changed everyone’s work and life.

To sum up the last few years, we can only say: Thank you, dear PayTechLaw authors! Thank you for your passion, your team spirit, and your great contributions & podcasts!

A big thank you to all PayTechLaw readers and PayTechTalk listeners who have brought us this far! We look forward to many more years with you!

Video (German only):

Behind the scenes of PayTechLaw – some impressions from the last five years

The everyday life of our authors, during the pandemic

The pandemic has changed a lot in our lives, for some more, for others less. How our authors coped with it and what their everyday life was like, they each captured in a very personal picture.


Three questions to Dr Hugo Godschalk

Dr. Hugo Godschalk | PayTechLaw

Why do you like writing for PayTechLaw?

Some nerds who need to communicate have less of a say at home 😊.

How were your last 1.5 years and working during the pandemic?

Flooded with redundant data; otherwise rather anti-cyclical: less income and at the same time less free time, i.e. a zero round.

How do you see the future of the payment industry?

Overrated, totally overvalued in monetary terms, in upheaval. Increasing doubt as to whether every digitalisation is progress.



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