Universal Cards | PayTechLaw

Interchange Fee Regulation: gender-specific universal cards

The current debate concerning gender-political correctness…
PayTechTalk 20 goes to Hollywood – Will ICOs disrupt the Dream Factory? | PayTechTalk

PayTechTalk 19 from Money20/20 Asia – Nitish Kannan and the cashless economy

In this episode of PayTechTalk we talk to a very interesting young entrepreneur and visionary, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, a software development company that enables users to accept credit cards and bitcoin transactions on their smartphones without any further hardware needed.
Money20/20 Asia | PayTechLaw

The Lion King at Money20/20 Asia in Singapore

Singapore – Lion City (of Money20/20 Asia) Singapore counts…
PayTechTalk 11: Mit Wirecard über Mobile Payment in DE und mehr

PayTechTalk 11: With Wirecard on mobile payment in Germany and more

The journey from start-up to global player, mobile payment –…
PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly

With PayTechTalk 4, you get insights about the future of payments and why cash won’t completely disappear, the Next Big Thing in FinTech, and much more.
PayTechTalk 3 – featuring Arnulf Keese from | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 3 – featuring Arnulf Keese from

In its 3rd episode, PayTechTalk, the Podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW., comes with Arnulf Keese from and many interesting FinTech-topics.