Aderhold Permanent Legal Advisor Of The European FinTech Alliance

We will grow the alliance and lead by example

European FinTech Alliance with new leadership from Germany and Finland

European Fintech Alliance with new leadership from Germany and Finland Chairman is Marcus Laube, CEO of Crossinx. Co-Chairs are Cornelia Schwertner (figo), Sascha Bross (Holvi) and Roman Keßler (Fintech Group). Next to the administrators and founders of the EFA, Dr. Marc Tenbücken (Hendricks & Schwartz) and Christian Wenning (Erste Lesung), a Permanent Legal Advisor, Frank Müller LL.M. from the law firm Aderhold, will help on all regulatory questions ahead.

During its members’ assembly at the solarisBank in Berlin the European Fintech Alliance (EFA) has nominated a board to lead the further development of the alliance of Fintech companies. Marko Wenthin (solarisBank) welcomed the activities of the alliance and emphasized the need for a common approach against the regulatory challenges in the fintech sector.

In a few years all Banks will think of themselves as fintechs. But without the push of companies entering their market with financial technology maybe nothing would have ever changed.

Marcus Laube (crossinx), Chairman of the EFA-Board pointed out that next to the professional administration of a starting infrastructure the fintech companies themselves are the only credible partners for regulatory deciders and new members.

We have to become active and convince our business partners to join EFA. This can only be achieved with activities run by ourselves. Only then we will grow the alliance and lead by example.

Several resolutions were discussed and concluded, e.g. to clarify the forms of membership or the establishment of special interest groups, so called “Vanguard Groups”, on questions of content such as B2B, PSD2, IBAN, eIDAS/Online Signature, and PR&Marketing. More will be found on the European Fintech Alliance’s website soon.

EFA membership is now open to all companies active in the fintech-business. For full membership, all Fintechs, defined as companies with a business model based on innovative technology in the finance sector, can apply. Associated membership is open to all other companies along the financial business value chain. Companies focussing on consulting, auditing and legal affairs are not granted membership so far.

Contact: Marcus Laube, Founder&CEO Crossinx,

EFA was founded in June 2016, current members are Ebury, Holvi, Wirecard, Figo, Ingenico, SlimPay, Investify, Blackbill, Visualvest, Solarisbank, Outbank, Crossinx and the Fintech Group. The European Fintech Alliance with an office in Brussels open for activities close to the European Parliament aims for representing fintechs’ regulatory interests in the EU. Over the past half year meetings and events organised from and with EFA were held in Brussels – during a Hearing of the European Parliament and a Policy day with institutional deciders – as well as at the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt/Main and at several occasions Berlin.

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