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PayTechTalk 31 – Paymentandbanking and PayTechLaw discuss the “Bitcoin decision”

Last week I gave you an update on the Bitcoin decision. Let’s recap. On 25th November 2018 the Kammergericht Berlin (Az.: (4) 161 Ss 28/18 (35/18)) ruled that the trading of Bitcoin was not a criminal act. According to the court, Bitcoin is not a financial instrument under the rules of the the Kreditwesengesetz and […]

PayTechTalk 29: KYC by Third Parties? This is how it works!

In PayTechTalk 28 haben wir uns intensiv mit dem Thema Geldwäscheprävention befasst und versucht, die wesentlichen Grundlagen zu vermitteln. In dieser Episode erläutern wir, wie ein Verpflichteter im Sinne des Geldwäschegesetzes bei geldwäscherechtlichen Sorgfaltspflichten auf Dritte zurückgreifen kann (siehe dazu auch den Beitrag meiner Kollegin Nasim zu § 17 GwG). KYC durch Dritte? So gehts! KYC […]

PayTechTalk 28: KYC, AML and CTF. Fanta 4? Prevention of money laundering!

In PayTechTalk 28 I will be discussing an issue that is of great importance for our advisory practice with my colleague Christian Walz. No, we are not talking about a song by the German band ‘Fantastische Vier’ – it´s all about the prevention of money laundering. In this episode we would like to communicate some basic […]

PayTechTalk 27: Grow out of its niche! “Sustainable Finance” with Tomorrow

We buy organic vegetables, use green energy, are considering purchasing an electric car and always take our cloth bag with us while going shopping. But how sustainable is our money? With its mobile current account ‘Tomorrow’ aims to combine a positive social and ecological impact with state-of-the-art technology and make the niche topic of “sustainable […]

PayTechTalk 25 – Dave G. Birch and Frank Müller about Open Banking and Digital Identity

Open Banking & Identity: In the 25th-anniversary episode of PayTechTalk, I had the great honor to talk to none other than the world-famous author, advisor, and commentator on digital financial services, Mr. Dave Birch. Open Banking – will it do harm or further competition? Dave gave us interesting insights into his experiences with open banking […]

PayTechTalk 24 with AUTHADA – Smart Identification and Authentication Solutions with the eID

The identification of customers according to money laundering law is as much a part of the financial industry as saying  amen in  church. The regulatory requirements are immense and they have been increasing for years. For example, the fifth EU money laundering directive (AML5) published in the Official Journal of the EU on 19 June […]

PayTechTalk 23 – FinTech Lawyers with a pan-European View on what’s Hot and what’s Not in FinTech

  Money20/20 Europe 2018 is just a week around the corner – that calls for a Throwback Thursday. Besides of all the talking, chatting, networking and mandate support, we were lucky enough to meet some colleagues from the FinTech Lawyers Network to chat about what’s Hot and what’s Not in FinTech. In this episode of […]

PayTechTalk 20 goes to Hollywood – Will ICOs disrupt the Dream Factory?

In last week’s episode of PayTechTalk, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, told us about his vision to empower the next 7 billion people to be part of the mobile payments revolution and to build a cashless economy. In this week’s episode, Nitish gives us exclusive insides into his idea to disrupt […]

PayTechTalk 19 from Money20/20 Asia – Nitish Kannan and the cashless economy

In this episode of PayTechTalk we talk to a very interesting young entrepreneur and visionary, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, a software development company that enables users to accept credit cards and bitcoin transactions on their smartphones without any further hardware needed.