PayTechTalk 38 – How does payment by credit card work?

PayTechTalk 38 | Bezahlen mit Kreditkarte | PayTechLaw
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Payment by credit card is becoming a popular method of payment in Germany. Around five percent of all payments are today conducted this way. However, many people only have a very faint idea – if any at all – about how payment with a credit card works from a legal perspective. Matthäus recently published a detailed blog entry along with an infographic on the topic of credit card payments.

However, as some people prefer listening to reading, I have got together with Matthäus for another episode of PayTechTalk. So, for those of you interested in finding out exactly what a credit card is, who is involved in credit card payments and how a card payment transaction is processed from a legal perspective, enjoy this informative and exciting (roughly) half an hour chat between Matthäus and myself.

Have fun with PayTechTalk 38!



The original podcast is in German

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