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PayTechTalk 62 – MiCAR, DeFi and NFT

In this episode of PayTechTalk, Biyan Mienert is my guest. We talk about current blockchain and DLT-related topics:… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 61 – The Financial Center Luxembourg

In this episode of PayTechTalk, Dr Susanne Grohé talks to Avocat à la Cour Charles Krier about Luxembourg… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 60 – The New Whistleblower Regulation

In this episode of PayTechTalk we talk to Maraja Fistanic and Dr. Thomas Altenbach on the Whistleblower-regime, which is going… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 59 – Blockchain- and Crypto-Regulation from an international perspective

In this episode of PayTechTalk I am talking to Blockchain and DLT-expert Nathan Catania (XReg Consulting) on Blockchain- and Crypto-Regulation from an… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 58 – Deposit business | FinTech online course #12

Payment institutions and e-money institutions collect funds from their customers and hold these funds – sometimes for longer… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 57 – Licence rental, License as a Service, Banking as a Service, BIN Rental, BIN Sponsoring, Sponsor bank relationship

In his last blog article, Christian dealt with licence rental and gave an example to show what to… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 56 – Custody of Digital Assets

PayTechTalk #56 again represents a very special episode. In this episode we will discuss with four renowned Blockchain… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 55 – The digital programmable euro

Our 55th episode of PayTechTalk is a special one as it is a co-production between us and the… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 54 – Blockchain and crypto regulation from the UK and the German perspective

In today’s episode of PayTechTalk, I talk to crypto and Blockchain experts James Burnie (gunnercooke) and Alireza Siadat… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 53: AMLD5 as a start for crypto regulation

In today’s episode of PayTechTalk, I’ll be talking to my colleagues Charles Krier and Alireza Siadat. Together we will… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 52: French antitrust authority launches sector inquiry into Fintech sector

In today’s episode of PayTechTalk, I am talking to Dr. Hendrik Reffken about the sector inquiry launched by… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 51: Small donation – Big impact: SmallChangeCard – OpenStreetPay brings digital change to homeless people

Every crisis hits society‘s most vulnerable members the hardest. The Corona crisis is no different and consequences of… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 50: Crypto custody business – requirements for submitting a licence application to the BaFin

In today’s special anniversary episode of PayTechTalk, I’ll be talking to Alireza Siadat, a lawyer practising in the… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 49 – Time of crisis – time for vouchers? Prepaid products to help with the crisis

Everyone is currently talking about the “Corona crisis” and of course it also affects our day-to-day life here… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 48 – PayTechLaw end-of-year review 2019

Lex Apple Pay, online direct debits, crypto custody business, the implementation of the AMLD5, Libra and SCA: 2019… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 47: Lex Apple Pay – A great moment for Parliament or legislative nonsense?

Happy Birthday Das Wichtigste zuerst: Happy Birthday, Apple Pay Deutschland! This is because a year ago today, the… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 46 – Crypto custody business: Amendments to the KWG in connection with the implementation of the fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

At first glance, the “Act implementing the Amending Directive of the fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive” does not… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 45 – Chinese payment methods: what makes WeChat Pay, Alipay and co. so successful?

In today’s episode of PayTechTalk, we will for once not focus primarily on legal and regulatory issues. Rather,… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 44 – Crypto values and crypto custody business: news regarding crypto regulation

A little while ago, we reported on the draft bill for the implementation of the 5th EU Anti-Money… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 42 – Libra’s macroeconomic implications

It is safe to say that Facebook’s announcement of Libra, the world’s first stable crypto currency, has caused… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 41 – What does the Anti-Money Laundering Act actually say?

Often when talking about money laundering, people immediately think of Al Capone. And that is quite accurate, because… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 40 – IBAN discrimination also through differentiation according to the payer’s place of residence

Is it allowed to offer customers different methods of payment when they make bookings over the internet, depending… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 39 – Draft law of the German Ministry of Finance regarding the implementation of AMLD5

In today’s episode of PayTechTalk, we – that is Christian, Hugo and myself – will be looking at… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 38 – How does payment by credit card work?

Payment by credit card is becoming a popular method of payment in Germany. Around five percent of all… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 37 – Approval procedures: directors, qualifying holdings, and capital requirements

In our 34th episode of PayTechTalk I talked with my colleague Christian about the licence types for payment… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 36 – PayTechLaw and Payment & Banking take a look at the status of PSD2 and the implementation of the RTS SCA

After our first joint podcast with Kilian Thalhammer at the Money20/20 Europe in (back then still) Copenhagen and… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 35 – About BaFin’s Instructions for the Interpretation and Application of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act (IIA)

The instructions for the interpretation and application (IIA) of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on the… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 34 – licence types for payment service providers

Recently I looked into the topic of licence types for payment service providers on PayTechLaw. In my blog… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 33 – Is this the end for online direct debits (once again)?

From 14 September 2019, strong customer authentication will be required for certain payment transactions. The EBA has now… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 32 – Payment Account and Co. | The “old” Payment Accounts Act. What applies from 31 October 2018?

The Payment Accounts Act is an “old” law dating from April 2016 but it is going to be… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 31 – Paymentandbanking and PayTechLaw discuss the “Bitcoin decision”

Last week I gave you an update on the Bitcoin decision. Let’s recap. On 25th November 2018 the… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 30: BaFin licence for payment institutions – this is how it works

Since the implementation of PSD2, or most likely even before, many companies have been preoccupied with one question:… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 29: KYC by Third Parties? This is how it works!

In PayTechTalk 28 haben wir uns intensiv mit dem Thema Geldwäscheprävention befasst und versucht, die wesentlichen Grundlagen zu vermitteln.… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 28: KYC, AML and CTF. Fanta 4? Prevention of money laundering!

In PayTechTalk 28 I will be discussing an issue that is of great importance for our advisory practice… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 27: Grow out of its niche! “Sustainable Finance” with Tomorrow

We buy organic vegetables, use green energy, are considering purchasing an electric car and always take our cloth… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 26 – PayPal and Simple Language

Simple Language is important. Many people need Simple Language in order to understand everything. Only if you understand… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 25 – Dave G. Birch and Frank Müller about Open Banking and Digital Identity

Open Banking & Identity: In the 25th-anniversary episode of PayTechTalk, I had the great honor to talk to… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 24 with AUTHADA – Smart Identification and Authentication Solutions with the eID

The identification of customers according to money laundering law is as much a part of the financial industry… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 23 – FinTech Lawyers with a pan-European View on what’s Hot and what’s Not in FinTech

Money20/20 Europe 2018 is just a week around the corner – that calls for a Throwback Thursday. Besides… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 22 – One in a Billon

Looking for real life use cases for the blockchain technology? What’s the real advantage of using the blockchain… Download / Print

Update. PayTechTalk 21 – PayPal, what´s up?

The PayPal Button can be found almost everywhere, but what now? Where can new development come from? Is… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 20 goes to Hollywood – Will ICOs disrupt the Dream Factory?

In last week’s episode of PayTechTalk, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, told us about… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 19 from Money20/20 Asia – Nitish Kannan and the cashless economy

In this episode of PayTechTalk we talk to a very interesting young entrepreneur and visionary, Nitish Kannan, CEO and co-founder of Circle Plus Payments, a software development company that enables users to accept credit cards and bitcoin transactions on their smartphones without any further hardware needed. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 18 from Money20/20 Asia – Blockchain, ICO and Token

Last week, I had the great opportunity to attend Singapore’s first Money20/20 Asia. From March 12 until 14,… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 17 – the CJEU and what was three is now four

Following CJEU rulings: IF-Regulation, prohibition of surcharging and regulations regarding the access to Arnex and others? Right. At… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 16 – No more surcharging (except in Berlin taxis) thanks to PSD2?

„Dit macht 1.50 extra, weeste“ – Surcharging in Berlin and other places The dream of paying cashless without… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 15 – About RTS SCA by the EBA

In today´s episode we are delighted to welcome Cornelia Schwertner. She is Head of Regulation at figo where… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 14 – Is it really Christmas already?

What do FinTechs want for Christmas from BaFin this year? The BaFin Conference is taking place in Frankfurt… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 13 with Dr. Hugo Godschalk – News on the exemptions limited network and limited product range in the ZAG

Limited network etc. What is about to change following the BaFin explanatory leaflet to the ZAG? Is there… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 12 – Should an AIS and a PIS be subject to AML regulations?

As Susanne already covered in her latest blogpost about Payment Initiation Services, Account Information Services and the AML… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 11: With Wirecard on mobile payment in Germany and more

The journey from start-up to global player, mobile payment – and more How did  Wirecard AG go from… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 10 – PayTechLaw authors Frank and Peter explain the new MaRisk

On the 27th of October 2017 BaFin published new minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) in its new… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 9 – The lingering death of electronic money

What exactly is electronic money? What can one use it for? Do purchasers of electronic money have to… Download / Print

PayTechTalk 8 with Maximilian Eberhardt from FinTecSystems on XS2A and more

Was versteht man eigentlich unter XS2A und TPP, welchen Mehrwert bringen diese für den Kunden und was wird sich für Marktteilnehmer nach der PSD2 ändern? Dies und mehr erfahren Sie in unserem Podcast PayTechTalk. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 7 and the token – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU

With PayTechTalk 7, you get insights about the trend for a token and “real FinTech” – and why Silicon Valley will probably not remain the innovation maker. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 6 and the cash – featuring Carsten Wengel from Giesecke+Devrient

Will cash disappear? And what role will FinTechs play in driving innovation,esp. in regards to making the user experience much better than it is today? Download / Print

PayTechTalk 5 – featuring Christian von Hammel-Bonten and Philipp Nieland from PPRO Group

For episode 5 we talked about, inter alia, what E-Mails and crypto currencies have in common, and why being a bank nowadays is a competitive disadvantage. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly

With PayTechTalk 4, you get insights about the future of payments and why cash won’t completely disappear, the Next Big Thing in FinTech, and much more. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 3 – featuring Arnulf Keese from

In its 3rd episode, PayTechTalk, the Podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW., comes with Arnulf Keese from and many interesting FinTech-topics. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 2 – with Kilian Thalhammer from Payment & Banking

Wir sprechen mit Kilian Thalhammer von paymentandbanking u.a. über starke Kundenauthentifizierung nach den RTS und Sicherheitsanspruch vs. Convenience. Download / Print

PayTechTalk 1 – featuring David M. Brear from 11:FS

PayTechTalk – the new podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. With our new podcast PayTechTalk, we are planning to regularly broadcast… Download / Print