A FinTech online course in 24 small lessons. The PayTechLaw advent calendar is coming!

Ankündigung PayTechLaw-Adventskalender

What is the beauty of Christmas? The anticipation! And of course, the countdown by advent calendar. But candy is quite unhealthy, so better to exercise your brain than your belly. Easily done with the PayTechLaw FinTech online course! Each day, starting December 1st, we are going to highlight and explain one topic which will be interesting not only for FinTechs but also for other regulated companies and those who want to become one. The FinTech online course guides you through topics of payment supervision law, banking law, financial services law, compliance, and anti-money laundering law. We will be covering questions like “Which payment services are available?”, “What exactly is factoring?”, “Who do I have to identify and how in terms of money laundering law?”, “What does the IF Regulation actually say?” and  “Which payment methods are subject to strong customer authentication and how?”.

All this – and much more – can be discovered in the PayTechLaw advent calendar. And of course, there will also be a quiz at the end. Those of you who send in the correct answers may also win something. Because PayTechLaw is giving away not only one, but several great prizes among all eligible entries. What there is to win will not be revealed yet!

Starting 1st December, every day until Christmas, you simply need to open a door of the PayTechLaw advent calendar for a little lesson to read or to listen to. After that, the quiz will be easy to solve. By the way: the quiz can be completed and sent in until January 6th, 2021.

Who would take advantage of our FinTech online course?

Employees of regulated companies who want to get an overview of the legal basis. Legal trainees or lawyers who so far have not been exposed to these topics and want to get a brief insight. FinTech fans who want to better understand not only the Tech but also the regulated “Fin” side. In short: In our opinion, basically anyone. Well, of course we are also aficionados of the subject matter and therefore perhaps a little biased…

On this note, and in the name of the entire PayTechLaw team, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and lots of fun opening the doors.


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