PayTechTalk 61 – The Financial Center Luxembourg

PayTechTalk 61 - Der Finanzstandort Luxemburg
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In this episode of PayTechTalk, Dr Susanne Grohé talks to Avocat à la Cour Charles Krier about Luxembourg as a business location and in particular as a financial center.

Luxembourg is known as a small country in the heart of Europe that attracts as a financial center with “Triple A” rating, multilingualism, a bundled expertise and short distances. But there is a lot more you should know about the financial center Luxembourg – especially if you want to apply for a permit as a payment or e-money institution in the country.

What influence did the Brexit have? What does a permission process in Luxembourg look like? How do you prepare for it? What is different compared to Germany? Who is suitable for the management team? How long does a permit application take? …

Charles Krier provides exciting first-hand insights – and reveals how to greet each other in Lëtzebuergesch and which regional dish you should definitely try.

Vill Spaass mat PayTechTalk #61!

(This episode is in German.)


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