Outsourcing | EBA-Leitlinien | PayTechLaw

New regulatory requirements for outsourcing

Authors: Peter Frey, Charles Krier, Marina Mismetti Mateus Background. In…
Leitlinien zur Kreditvergabe | guidelines on loan origination | PayTechLaw

Opinion on the draft EBA guidelines on loan origination and monitoring: Please accept technology as part of banking!

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has carried out a consultation…
EBA-Klarstellung | EBA clarification | PayTechLaw

EBA clarification: Setting up a SEPA direct debit mandate does not require strong customer authentication

After the European Banking Authority (EBA) sparked considerable…
online SEPA direct debit payments | Online SEPA-Lastschriftzahlungen | PayTechLaw
PayTechTalk 32 | Online-Lastschriften | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 33 – Is this the end for online direct debits (once again)?

From 14 September 2019, strong customer authentication will…
Cloud-Computing Cloud Computing | | PayTechLaw

Cloud computing – outsourcing into a “cloud”

Cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role…
Checklist for Brexit Preparedness | PayTechLaw

Infographic: Plan B – Checklist for Brexit Preparedness

A “hard Brexit” unless there’s agreement on a transition…
PayTechTalk 15 – Über die RTS SCA von der EBA

PayTechTalk 15 – About RTS SCA by the EBA

In today´s episode we are delighted to welcome Cornelia…