Payment services. What is what?

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Do you know the type of questions where the answer depends on who you ask? An example of such a question is what constitutes a payment service. If you ask the legislator, the answer will be a more or less comprehensible but rather abstract catalogue of activities. If you ask a lawyer, he or she will tell you to look at the applicable law, because it is all stipulated in there. If you ask the rest of the population, the answer is usually a tired shrug of the shoulders.

Our infographic provides clarification

Not happy with the situation? Neither are we! This is why we have created something for you. Our infographic shows what products are behind the various payment services. Even if this graphic is not complete, it gives you an overview of what constitutes a payment service. This will ensure that you can give a reasonably informed answer if ever asked what a payment service is.

Payment services. What is what? 1


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