PayTechTalk 36 - Über die PSD2 RTS SCA | PayTechLaw
PayTechTalk 34_Erlaubnistypen fuer Zahlungsdienstleister | licence types for payment service providers

PayTechTalk 34 – licence types for payment service providers

 Recently I looked into the topic of licence types for…
online SEPA direct debit payments | Online SEPA-Lastschriftzahlungen | PayTechLaw
Erlaubnistypen | types of licences | PayTechLaw

May I or may I not? The types of licences for payment service providers

Perhaps you’ve experienced this before? When talking to…
Zahlungsdienste | Payment Service | PayTechLaw

Payment services. What is what?

Do you know the type of questions where the answer depends…
Screen Scraping | PayTechLaw

Screen Scraping is dead – long live Screen Scraping!

A heated debate has been going on for years as to whether…
BaFin-Erlaubnis für Zahlungsdienstleister | BaFin approval for payment service providers | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 30: BaFin licence for payment institutions - this is how it works

Since the implementation of PSD2, or most likely even before,…
Payment Agents | PayTechLaw

On a Secret Mission: Payment Agents and E-money Agents in German Regulatory Law

As is often the case with people like James Bond, agents in payments…
Konzernprivileg | intra-group exemption | PayTechLaw

Update re intra-group exemption

The German regulator BaFin lately issued a very narrow interpretation…
Virtuelle Währungen entschlüsselt: Die neue Legaldefinition & 5AMLD | PayTechLaw

Virtual currencies deciphered (1) - the new legal definition and AMLD5

It is not only the Prussians who are quick to shoot, but…