PayTechTalk 1 – featuring David M. Brear from 11:FS

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PayTechTalk – the new podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW.

With our new podcast PayTechTalk, we are planning to regularly broadcast profound interviews and discussions with legal and industry experts about payment, banking and IT.


We are both proud and delighted to kick off our podcast series with David M. Brear, CEO & Co-Founder of 11:FS and FinTech Insider Show Host, who is one of the world’s top FinTech leaders. At Money20/20 Europe, my colleague Susanne and I talked to David about how long we will continue to pay in cash, the most commonly used payment method in 2025, identity as a service and – of course – the Brexit. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview as much as we did.

Forecast to PayTechTalk #2

In our second episode of PayTechTalk, Kilian Thalhammer from paymentandbanking will share his thoughts with us. Stay tuned.

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