PayTechTalk 31 – Paymentandbanking and PayTechLaw discuss the “Bitcoin decision”

PayTechTalk 31 | Bitcoin Urteil | paymentandbanking | PayTechLaw
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Last week I gave you an update on the Bitcoin decision. Let’s recap. On 25th November 2018 the Kammergericht Berlin (Az.: (4) 161 Ss 28/18 (35/18)) ruled that the trading of Bitcoin was not a criminal act. According to the court, Bitcoin is not a financial instrument under the rules of the the Kreditwesengesetz and in particular it is not an  accounting unit. The decision itself sparked some criticism and also the feedback on our blog entry showed that there is still a lot to discuss.

What effect will this have in the real world  – and does  BaFin feel obligated by this ruling? Is the result legal clarity or even legal security as many have stated? Or on the contrary? What does the crypto scene now have to watch out for? My dear colleague Jochen Siegert and I therefore returned to this issue. You can find the result in episode 31 of PayTechTalk, a co-podcast with Paymentandbanking. My thanks to them once again for this great co-production. We had a lot of fun and would be happy to do it again any time!

And to the crypto community out there: What is your opinion on crypto regulation? Do you find it negative (because it is too time-consuming, too expensive or too complicated) or positive? Feel free to share your views on this issue in the comments section below! We love a good discussion!

Enjoy PayTechTalk 31!


Sometimes something great starts as a simple idea. This is exactly what happened when André Bajorat began creating a list of links for his friend Arnulf Keese (PayPal manager at that time) on in July 2011.  His intention was to create an overview of the developments within the payment and banking field as at the time the whole issue was still somewhat  niche and the word FinTech did not even exist in the public eye. On 31st August 2012, came to life and today, with  more than 400.000 clicks alone in 2017, it counts as one of the most important sites for FinTech  in Germany. Since 2012 it has expanded and now not only provides a list of links but also a  FinTech map of Germany. Since 2015, it has also provided a regular Paymentandbanking podcast. The latter used to be Jochen Siegert and André’s project and  these days attracts about 35.000 listeners each month.

In June 2016, the family expanded again and four of the most influential initiators in the German FinTech field became part of Paymentandbanking. As the winner of the comdirect finanzblog Award 2016, Paymentandbanking is one of the best and most important finance blogs in Germany.

You can find Paymentandbanking here: WebTwitterSoundcloudFacebook

About Jochen Siegert

Jochen Siegert is a startup entrepreneur, an in-demand keynote speaker and mentor in the FinTech field. He has over 20 years of experience in managing digital products including: product manager for MasterCard, manager product KarstadtQuelleBank, EMEA strategic director PayPal, managing director, co-founder and managing director and  is currently on the board of traxpay AG.

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  1. Immer gerne und DANKE für das Feedback (und das Teilen)! Wir freuen uns immer über Anregungen, Kommentare – und (neue) Leser!

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