PayTechTalk 7 and the token – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU

PayTechTalk 7 and the token – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU
With PayTechTalk 7, you get insights about the trend for a token and “real FinTech” – and why Silicon Valley will probably not remain the innovation maker. 🖨Download / Print

What does a token have to do with it?

What does the future of payments look like – and what does a token have to do with it? Is there a trend for “real FinTech” and how exactly will the geographical regions influence what’s going to happen in FinTechs on a global scale? Will for instance, Berlin or Silicon Valley remain the innovation makers? Will payments becoming commodities and are regulations a chance for innovation drivers or brakes?

If you’re interested in these topics, I highly recommend joining our seventh episode of PayTechTalk, in which I was happy to have the chance to chat with another one of my favourite ex-colleagues: Matthias Setzer. Matthias and I had a fruitful time working together at PayPal and he is for sure a real FinTech expert. As Chief Commercial Officer at PayU, Matthias is responsible for PayU’s cross-border business, global sales, key accounts, and strategic partnerships as well as marketing & PR.

I hope you enjoy the seventh episode of PayTechTalk as much as I enjoyed conducting this interview.

About PayU

PayU is the leading online payment service provider in 16 high growth markets, dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers. The 300+ payment methods and PCI certified platforms are designed to meet every consumer’s needs. The markets in which PayU operates represent a potential consumer base of nearly 2.3 billion people and a huge growth potential for merchants. PayU has more than 1,800 payment specialists based in these local markets supporting PayU’s 200,000+ merchants and the millions of consumers making online payments.


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