PayTechTalk Top5 - 2018 | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk Top5 – 2018: The most popular podcasts of 2018

As already hinted at in my last post: after we presented…
PayTechTalk | PayTechLaw | Leichte Sprache | Simple Language

PayTechTalk 26 – PayPal and Simple Language

Simple Language is important. Many people need Simple…
Was wünschen sich FinTechs von der BaFin zu Weihnachten | Christmas?

PayTechTalk 14 – Is it really Christmas already?

What do FinTechs want for Christmas from BaFin this year? The…
PayTechTalk 13 über limitiertes Netzwerk und Co. im ZAG | limited network | PayTechLaw
PayTechTalk 12 with Susanne and Frank

PayTechTalk 12 – Should an AIS and a PIS be subject to AML regulations?

As Susanne already covered in her latest blogpost about Payment…
PayTechTalk 11: Mit Wirecard über Mobile Payment in DE und mehr

PayTechTalk 11: With Wirecard on mobile payment in Germany and more

The journey from start-up to global player, mobile payment…
PayTechTalk 9 – Der schleichende Tod des E-Geld | electronic money | PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 9 – The lingering death of electronic money

What exactly is electronic money? What can one use it for?…
PayTechTalk 7 and the token – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU

PayTechTalk 7 and the token – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU

With PayTechTalk 7, you get insights about the trend for a token and “real FinTech” - and why Silicon Valley will probably not remain the innovation maker.