PayTechTalk 11: With Wirecard on mobile payment in Germany and more

PayTechTalk 11: Mit Wirecard über Mobile Payment in DE und mehr
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The journey from start-up to global player, mobile payment – and more

How did  Wirecard AG go from being a start-up to one of the leading international providers of electronic payments solutions? What will be Wirecard´s strategic course in the upcoming years? What value does the so-called “mobile payment” have in this connection? Why does mobile payment not have the same success in Germany as in other European countries? And what does it take to establish mobile payment on the German market?

I talked about this and other questions in today´s episode with the General Counsel of Wirecard AG, Andrea Görres. Andrea is head of Wirecard’s Legal Department as well as Corporate Compliance and has accompanied Wirecard from its first steps as a start-up 17 years ago to the international company we see today.

Enjoy PayTechTalk 11!

About Wirecard

Wirecard AG is a global technology corporation that supports companies in accepting payments coming from all trade channels. As a leading independent provider the Wirecard Group offers outsourcing and white-label solutions for electronic funds transfer. Their global platform offers a choice of internationally accepted payment options and processes with additional solutions for prevention of fraud. The Wirecard Group also provides the whole infrastructure needed, including the necessary licenses for card and account products for companies that want to launch their own payment instruments in the form of card or mobile payments solutions. Wirecard AG is listed on the stock market in Frankfurt (TecDAX, ISIN DE0007472060, WDI).

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