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Singapore – Lion City (of Money20/20 Asia)

Singapore counts as one of the regions with a thriving FinTech ecosystem. From alternative lending to open banking and augmented intelligence technology to the tokenized economy, APAC’s innovation is taking on the world. Big names in the FinTech scene are investing in Singapore’s FinTech young talents. Singapore rocks. Now it also rocks Money20/20 Asia.

From the USA to Europe – and now to Asia

So now in just a few more days, Singapore will be hosting – as the organizers themselves say – “the world’s leading FinTech and Payments event”. And frankly, it could certainly live up to the hype. The development of this event is impressive: from the USA to Europe and now with Singapore (and later on in November China) to Asia; not to mention that Asia is way ahead in terms of technology, in particular in the financial sector. I will be joining the show and since I’ve already attended the Las Vegas and European versions, I am really looking forward to Money20/20 in Singapore.

The event will – and I may quote at this point – “recognize the defining influence of the pan-Asian Payments, FinTech and Financial Services ecosystem with an agenda carefully curated to bring to the forefront the unique opportunities the region offers as the world’s fastest growing FinTech marketplace.” Again, one’s expecting a pleasantly balanced ratio between start-ups and established players.

I’m so looking forward to…

I’m really keen to meet a few old companions, crazy friends, and new FinTech enthusiasts – and to experience a whole load of new things. The agenda looks very promising, as it includes over 350 of the ecosystem’s leading innovators, such as Ghela Boskovich, who is the Founder of FemTechGlobal. It is great to see an influencer such as Ghela leaving her mark on FinTech. I am sure she and the entire FemTech influencers will inspire other creative women worldwide to engage in this flourishing industry. As we are consistently searching for great talents for our FinTech practice group, we hope to be able to welcome even more female lawyers soon.

Also, the finanser aka Chris Skinner will sign his brand new book Digital Human at 13:00 on March 14. The queue will be rather long so why don’t we record an episode of our podcast PayTechTalk while waiting. If you are interested in participating, send me an email at and we will take it from there.

Money20/20 wouldn’t be what it is without Dave Birch (“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 megabytes”) hosting spectacular sessions on Thursday, e.g. on “Exploring Digital Identities” and “Authentication of Digital Identities “.

The Man Who Fell To Earth…

You can even get the chance to win a trip to the Edge of Space with Feedzai. If I win this bad boy, I hereby promise to be the first FinTech blogger broadcasting a podcast live from space, interviewing Spaceman on the next coup by Elon Musk – by the way, will he be around?

There’s more

I’ll also be looking out for a variety of C-levels from the likes of PayPal, Ping An, Rakuten, Stripe, Tencent, Grab and Co. And of course, Ralph Echemendia, the “Ethical Hacker” and Technical Advisor to Hollywood Director Oliver Stone … ?

If things go the same way as they did in Copenhagen, I’ll probably be busy networking, podcasting and joining keynotes and track sessions – and partying, in particular at the Industry Night Cé La Vi Club lounge at 21 on March 14 – but one thing is for sure: I won’t be sleeping!

Get in touch!

I am stoked and really look forward to touching down in the City of Lions. Stay tuned for all my tweets and blog posts and so on. Want to meet me in Singapore? Just reach out on my social media channels (Twitter or LinkedIn), drop me a line at or contact me via the official Money2020 app.


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