Webinar | DeFi vs. KYC

Webinar | DeFi vs. KYC | Powered by IDnow | Cover picture: Adobe Stock/Who is Danny

Regulation, KYC and DeFi? Is it compatible?

As part of the IDnow Expert Series, IDnow recorded an interview with PayTechLaw author and Annerton lawyer Alireza Siadat on the challenges of anti-money laundering and fraud in the context of Decentralised Finance (DeFi for short). In the interview with Alireza, Francisco Martins (Senior Identity Consultant, Financial Sector UK/I @ IDnow) talks about the limitless possibilities of DeFi and the associated risks that are attracting increased attention from regulators. This raises the question of whether regulation/KYC for risk mitigation and a decentralised system are really compatible…


IDnow Expert Series Webinar: DeFi vs. KYC


About IDnow

In the field of video identification of customers in combination with electronic signatures, IDnow has launched the first legally secure solution without additional hardware. In May 2016, the IDnow video identification process was patented by the EU.


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