Update. PayTechTalk 21 – PayPal, what´s up?

PayTechTalk 21 – PayPal, was geht? | PayTechLaw
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The PayPal Button can be found almost everywhere, but what now? Where can new development come from? Is PayPal going to open a branch of a bank? Many questions. So it is time to ask them.

PayPal, what´s up? Frank is going to tell us.

I got a concrete answer from Frank Keller, CEO of PayPal DACH since 2016. Amongst other things we chatted about what PayPal has planned for its future, how the company is dealing with the surcharging issue, what the BGH sentence regarding buyer protection means and the future impact of eBay terminating their previous cooperation.

Enjoy PayTechTalk 21.

About Dr. Frank Keller

Dr. Frank Keller has been CEO of PayPal Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland since 2016. After being awarded a doctorate in software-engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute, he came to PayPal in 2011 as Head of Strategy & Business Operations and from 2012 on he was responsible for the business of BillSAFE, a company that had been acquired as a client the same year. From 2014 on he managed the wholesale activity of PayPal Germany, Austria and Switzerland and was responsible for their cooperation with eBay. Before starting at PayPal, he had founded and managed two start-ups in Berlin operating in the fields of IT and Outsourcing and also worked for a telecommunication company in Malaysia.

About PayPal

PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) supports the democratization of financial services. By doing that PayPal wants people and companies to get the chance to take part in the global economy and be successful – based on the idea that the access to financial services generates opportunities. Through his open digital pay platform, PayPal enables their 227 million active account holders to connect in a new and more productive way and do business – regardless of whether this happens online, on a mobile, in an app or personally. Through a combination of technological innovations and strategic partnerships, PayPal opens new ways of managing and moving money, provides choice and flexibility when transmitting payments, paying and being paid. PayPal´s platform including Braintree, Venmo and Xoom is available in over 200 markets around the world. Consumers and traders can receive money in over 100 currencies, can withdraw money from their account in 56 currencies and can hold a deposit on their PayPal account in 25 currencies.


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The original podcast is in German. You can find the German transcript here.

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