PayTechTalk 28: KYC, AML and CTF. Fanta 4? Prevention of money laundering!

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In PayTechTalk 28 I will be discussing an issue that is of great importance for our advisory practice with my colleague Christian Walz. No, we are not talking about a song by the German band ‘Fantastische Vier’ – it´s all about the prevention of money laundering.

In this episode we would like to communicate some basic knowledge regarding this very important issue that every stakeholder in the FinTech field should already have. Our advisory practice has shown, however, that this is not always the case.

Prevention of money laundering – why and who?

What does KYC mean and what kind of obligations derive from it? Who is obligated to prevent money laundering and why? When do you have to “KYC” a customer?

And what or who is “PeP” and what does the “Bayerischer Filz” have to do with it? Why does everything always seem to be more complicated in Germany than in our neighbouring countries? Are there any simplifications regarding the KYC process? What is a “Utility Bill”? Can I also use that in order to “KYC” my customer?

Many questions which we are happy to answer in detail in our 45 minutes long PayTechTalk 28! Enjoy!

The original podcast is in German.

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