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Who talks with whom about what – The Topics with Arnulf from

At Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, Frank and I had the chance to chat for PayTechTalk with the great Arnulf Keese from, who as well as being a former colleague of mine at PayPal, has more than 20 years of experience in both banking and FinTech, and is considered to be one of the leading European experts in FinTech. Arnulf has managed a variety of various early-stage technology companies from a starting position into the growth and market expansion phases and is currently a General Partner at, a company that invests in founders disrupting global markets.

It has been a pleasure talking to him about many interesting topics, such as the future of cash payment, instant payments as a potential nail in the coffin for banks, the Next Big Things in FinTech, convenience versus security requirements, the European regulatory landscape and why Europe has to become more start-up friendly. I hope you enjoy the third episode of PayTechTalk.

Forecast to PayTechTalk #4

In our fourth episode of PayTechTalk, Matthias Setzer, Chief Commercial Officer at PayU global will share his thoughts with us. Stay tuned.

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