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PayTechTalk 32 – Payment Account and Co. | The “old” Payment Accounts Act. What applies from 31 October 2018?

The Payment Accounts Act is an “old” law dating from April 2016 but it is going to be once more on people’s radars from 31 October 2018. Why exactly?

It is owed to the fact that some provisions of the “old” Payment Accounts Act will not enter into force until 31 October 2018. In this episode of PayTechTalk Susanne and I will deal with the most important new rules contained in the Payment Accounts Act, which enter into force on 31 October 2018.

Payment Account and Co. – we clarify:

  • What is a payment account according to the Payment Accounts Act?
  • What new pre-contractual information obligations apply to a payment account provider?
  • What obligations does the provider have during the term of the contract?
  • What needs to be considered when changing accounts?

These and numerous other questions will be answered in the approximately 30 minutes of PayTechTalk 32. Tune in and join us!

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