PayTechTalk 33 – Is this the end for online direct debits (once again)?

PayTechTalk 33 | Online-Lastschrift | PayTechLaw
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From 14 September 2019, strong customer authentication will be required for certain payment transactions. The EBA has now provided some commentary on what this means for SEPA mandates that are issued via remote access. In short, if the EBA were to prevail with its legal opinion, this would have a huge impact on online direct debits and direct debit-based mobile payment.

In this episode of PayTechTalk Susanne and myself look into the potential impacts of the EBA opinion on online direct debits.

Online direct debits and strong customer authentication | This is what we are talking about

  • What is strong customer authentication?
  • Does the strong customer authentication also apply to direct debits?
  • What impact does the EBA opinion have for market participants?
  • Is the EBA opinion binding?
  • What can those market participants affected do?

So many questions, which we provide answers to in the next exciting 30-minute instalment of PayTechTalk 33. Listen in!

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