PayTechTalk 9 – The lingering death of electronic money

PayTechTalk 9 – Der schleichende Tod des E-Geld | PayTechLaw
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What exactly is electronic money? What can one use it for? Do purchasers of electronic money have to be identified – and does that make any sense? Has the implementation of the fourth EU money laundering regulation by the new s. 25i KWG ushered in the end of electronic money – and what needs to still be clarified? What practical relevance does the s. 14 GwG have in this context and what do we know about BaFin’s position regarding this issue? And how is all this related to terrorism?

You can find out the answers to these questions and more in today´s episode of PayTechTalk with my colleague and co-author on PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW., Christian Walz.

Enjoy PayTechTalk 9!

The original podcast is in German.

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