PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly

PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly | PayTechLaw
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As I already mentioned in my previous post around the time of my PayTechTalk interview with Arnulf Keese from, Money20/20 Europe turned out to be somewhat of a personal “reunion” for me, since I met a lot of former colleagues I had really loved to work with. One of them, who I also know from my time at PayPal, is Anthony Olsen from remitly.

Anthony is a payments and technology law expert with over 16 years of experience in advising on the legal and regulatory issues arising from electronic financial services products.

Currently, he’s working as EU Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Remitly, an independent digital remittance company, which has meet with significant success in transferring money from its customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to people throughout the world. Anthony also blogs on EU payments regulatory issues on

Chat with Anthony from remitly: The Topics

Unfortunately (since we can easily chat for hours), we only had a few minutes during the show for our interview. The most interesting topics covered included the future of payment and why cash won’t completely disappear, the Next Big Thing in FinTech, the close link between doing business and doing payments, why payments are going to become a pure commodity and whether instant payment is the right feature or a stillbirth.

I hope you enjoy the fourth episode of PayTechTalk as much as I enjoyed giving this interview.

 A look ahead to PayTechTalk #5

In our fifth episode of PayTechTalk, we had the chance to chat with Christian von Hammel-Bonten (Chief Product Officer) and Philipp Nieland (Co Founder) from PPRO Group. So stay tuned!

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