PayTechTalk Top5 – Our best podcasts 2017 in English

PayTechTalk Top5 – Unsere besten Podcasts 2017 (our best podcasts 2017)


What a year. As Isabella has already mentioned, so many exciting things have happened  in our blog PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW. Among other things, we have launched our long awaited “baby”: Our podcast PayTechTalk. This year we have spoken to many interesting personalities; we have discussed, analyzed the past and even dared to look into the regulatory crystal ball. Now that the year is coming to an end, we would like to present to you the five most clicked podcasts in English. Have fun with the English Top5 of PayTechTalk.

PayTechTalk Top5 in English 2017

  1. PayTechTalk 7 – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU –> What does the future of payments look like – and what does a token have to do with it? Is there a trend for “real FinTech” and how exactly will the geographical regions influence what’s going to happen in FinTechs on a global scale? Will for instance, Berlin or Silicon Valley remain the innovation makers? Will payments become commodities and are regulations a chance for innovation drivers or brakes?
  2. PayTechTalk 3 – featuring Arnulf Keese from –> We discussed many interesting topics, e.g. the future of cash payment, instant payments as a potential nail in the coffin for banks, the Next Big Things in FinTech, convenience versus security requirements, the European regulatory landscape and why Europe has to become more start-up friendly.
  3.  PayTechTalk 12 – Should an AIS and a PIS be subject to AML regulations? –> There will be two new payment services under PSD2: Payment Initiation Services (PIS) and Account Information Services (AIS). But does it really make sense that they are subject to the relevant anti-money laundering (AML) laws? How is this question being dealt with in the transposition laws across different EU member states?
  4. PayTechTalk 1 – featuring David M. Brear from 11:FS –> We kicked off our podcast with the famous David M. Brear – and talked about how long we will continue to pay in cash, the most commonly used payment method in 2025, identity as a service and – of course – Brexit.
  5. PayTechTalk 6 – featuring Carsten Wengel from Giesecke+Devrient –> We talked – inter alia – about future payment methods, why the way we interact will be a business model that can drive new revenue streams based on (customer) data, and why it’s the FinTechs that could play a really innovative role in making the user experience in the future much better than it is today – if their business models is working.


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