Kryptowährung Libra | Libra cryptocurrency | PayTechLaw

The Libra cryptocurrency – a simple explanation

...also for people who have so far not looked into blockchain… What…
Volkswirtschaftliche Implikationen von Libra | Libra’s macroeconomic implications |PayTechLaw

PayTechTalk 42 – Libra’s macroeconomic implications

  It is safe to say that Facebook’s announcement…
Kryptowerte | crypto values | PayTechLaw

Crypto values: new regulation for Bitcoin & co.

On 20 May 2019, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF)…
Bitcoins in der Bilanz | Bitcoin on the balance sheet | PayTechLaw

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (7): Bitcoin on the balance sheet and in the annual accounts

For businesses who voluntarily or as required by law (have…
Wertverluste bei Kryptowaehrungen | Losses in value of cryptocurrencies | PayTechLaw
Informationsaustausch | exchange of information | PayTechLaw

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (5): exchange of information

The example of US tax authorities and Coinbase, which I already…
Bitcoins and Bitcoin | PayTechLaw

Happy New Tax Year – with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (1)

Part 1 – Bitcoin and the German income tax Incredible…