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PayTechTalk 18 from Money20/20 Asia – Blockchain, ICO and Token

For PayTechTalk 18, I had a chat with Danette Wallace from Blockpass about their savern identity app based on the blockchain with Eric Anziani from Monaco about their aim to bring crypto currencies into every wallet, and with Igor Rogachev from Bonum about how and why their Tokens will make your life easier.

The Lion King at Money20/20 Asia in Singapore

Singapore – Lion City Singapore counts as one of the regions with a thriving FinTech ecosystem. From alternative lending to open banking and augmented intelligence… Weiterlesen

Media Cooperation with Money20/20 Asia

Media Cooperation. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Money20/20, one of the world’s largest payments and financial services innovation event, as… Weiterlesen

PayTechTalk 7 – featuring Matthias Setzer from PayU

With PayTechTalk 7, you get insights about the trend for a token and “real FinTech” – and why Silicon Valley will probably not remain the innovation maker.

PayTechTalk 4 – featuring Anthony Olsen from Remitly (eng)

With PayTechTalk 4, you get insights about the future of payments and why cash won’t completely disappear, the Next Big Thing in FinTech, and much more.

PayTechTalk 3 – featuring Arnulf Keese from (eng)

In its 3rd episode, PayTechTalk, the Podcast of PAYMENT.TECHNOLOGY.LAW., comes with Arnulf Keese from and many interesting FinTech-topics.

PayTechTalk 2 – mit Kilian Thalhammer von PAYMENTANDBANKING (de)

Wir sprechen mit Kilian Thalhammer von paymentandbanking u.a. über starke Kundenauthentifizierung nach den RTS und Sicherheitsanspruch vs. Convenience.

Money20/20 Europe: Day 1

Money20/20 Europe officially started and we are more than thrilled about what to expect, who to meet and what’s new in FinTech.

“It’s all about people” auf der Money20/20 Europe

Alles Europa, oder wie? Aderhold-Partner und PayTechLaw-Blogger Frank spricht am 28. Juni auf der Money20/20 in Kopenhagen über das FinTech Lawyers Network.

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